Studio Southside Antwerp

homeStudio Southside, the place to be for quality Low Budget Studio productions.

We offer a good service in a relaxed and user-friendly athmosphere to make your sound recordings into a joyfull experience. Our high quality equipment guarantees the best audio recordings.

You have the possibility to record up to 16 tracks at the same time. A band can record the drums, bass, 2 guitares and for example a guide vocal. All this will be recorded on seperate tracks.

The studio has 2 seperate rooms:

  • Live Room : +/- 36 m2. The space and the acoustics allow recordings of ensembles, drums, groeps in " live " position, and is perfect vor acoustic instrument like a guitar, grand piano, violins, etc.

  • Control Room : +/- 16 m2, acoustically treated.

Studio Southside is a flexible structure offering lots of services in the domain of sound and music. Therefore we collaborate with , , and the music room of



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